Elections (Voting)

The City Clerk administers all aspects of the electoral and voting process in the City of Byram and is charged with ensuring the process is conducted in accordance with the laws of the State of Mississippi.

Municipal Elections

City of Byram Municipal Elections are held every four years.  Voters will head to the polls in 2021 to vote for citywide offices. Listed below are the wards and polling locations:

Check our Ward Map here. If you can’t determine or don’t know your ward, please call Byram City Hall at 601-372-7746.

  • Ward 1 – Relate Church, 6885 Siwell Road
  • Ward 2 – Trinity Church, 6950 Siwell Road
  • Ward 3 – City Hall, 5901 Terry Road
  • Ward 4 – City Hall, 5901 Terry Road
  • Ward 5 – Wynndale Baptist Church, 11287 Springridge Road
  • Ward 6 – Hillcrest Baptist Church, 5950 Terry Road

The City of Byram has an Election Commission that oversees all aspects of municipal elections. Their responsibilities consist of managing all municipal elections: 1) reviewing the Municipal registered voter lists annually to assist the Hinds County Election Commission with verifications and 2) training poll workers for the various municipal elections.

Other Elections (Federal, State, County)

For information on where to vote for all Federal, State, and County elections enter your address here: State of Mississippi, Secretary of State or Hinds County Voter Precinct Locator.